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Impression Rail

Impression Rail is an Aluminium Railing system with the look and feel of high-end wrought iron at an affordable price point with easy installation. Incorporate TimberTech® RadianceRail® hand rails and post sleeves for a more custom look.

  • Classic wrought iron aesthetics
  • Unobstructed views
  • Available in 1,83 m, 2,44 m or 3,05 m lengths and 91,4 cm or 106,7 cm heights
  • Secure and strong Railing
  • Low maintenance
  • Fast & intuitive installation
  • Lightweight
  • No special tools required for installation
  • Composite hand rails & post sleeves easily integrate with Impression Rail
  • Covered by a 25-year limited warranty

Profile Details

TimberTech now offers a sleek Aluminium rail system in Black and Bronze with options for rail height and post style.

How to complete your TimberTech Railing System

Choose your preferred style and Colour, then pair those with a matching infill. Top it off with the cap and skirt that best suit your style. Light up the evening with optional lighting accessories.

Infill Options

Aluminium Balustersrectangular

Post Sleeves

 Impression Rail Deck Railing Post Sleeves
Sizes: 127 mm x 127 mm (Shown) • 102 mm x 102 mm
Colours: All Colours Available

Caps and Skirts

 Impression Rail Deck Railing Caps and Skirts

76 mm x 76 mm Cap
51 mm x 51 mm Cap

Colours:All Colours Available

Rail Detail

 Impression Rail Deck Railing Top Rail

Impression hand rail

 Impression Rail Deck Railing Bottom Rail

Impression base rail

 Impression Rail Deck Railing Top Rail Insert

Impression hand rail Insert

Infill Detail

 Impression Rail Deck Railing Rectangular Aluminum Baluster

Rectangular Aluminium Baluster

Options & Accessories

TimberTech trim and accessories are designed to provide a professional-quality finishing touch to your deck.


  • 51 mm x 94 cm (91,4 cm Railing)
  • 51 mm x 109,2 cm (106,7 cm Railing /91,4 cm stair)
  • 51 mm x 137,2 cm (106,7 cm stair)
  • 76 mm x 96,5 cm (91,4 cm Railing)
  • 76 mm x 111,8 cm (106,7 cm Railing / 91,4 cm stair)
  • 76 mm x 137,2 cm (106,7 cm stair)

Angle Brackets

To accomplish various angles, TimberTech offers a 45° and 22,5° degree, and a site cut bracket (any angle up to 45 degrees)

  • Must be used with the 76 mm x 76 mm post
  • To accomplish angles other than 90 degrees with a 51 mm x 51 mm post, you’d need to ‘double-post’ a corner
  • Brackets are packed with 4 brackets and screw sets per pack (2 Top–L&R; 2 Bottom–L&R)
  • Stair kits include fixed brackets for 35 degree stairs
  • Pivot stair brackets are also available for steep or shallow angle stairs or ramps

Fastener Kit for Composite hand rails and Post Sleeves

  • Includes fasteners required for upgrades with Composite Railing
  • Upgrade Impression Rail by adding RadianceRail Composite hand rail
  • Upgrade Impression Rail by adding a Composite Post Sleeve

Frequently Asked Questions