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TimberTech vs. the competition

We know you have options when it comes to building your deck. See how our innovative technology sets us apart—and makes TimberTech the clear choice for your home.

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TimberTech Better Than the Competition Wood Comparison Boards

TimberTech Advanced Polymer



The beauty of wood without the maintenance

TimberTech Advanced Polymer and Composite Decking offers many benefits wood can’t. 

  • TimberTech boards have long-lasting durability – unlike wood, they won’t rot, peel, split, crack, or host destructive insects 
  • Our boards maintain their beauty with very little maintenance, while wood will naturally fade and decay without regular upkeep 
  • High-performance TimberTech decks have a longer lifetime than wood decks, and lower lifetime maintenance costs since they never need treating, sanding, staining, painting, or frequent sealing for protection like a wood deck 
  • TimberTech decks save you time and money in the long run when compared to wood, plus they’re protected by our industry-leading warranties 
  • Unlike wood, our boards never splinter, so they’re safer for children, pets, and bare feet 
  • Our decking offers the best selection of the most realistic-looking wood species, colours, and textures, that might be difficult to find in a lumberyard  
  • With every board made of 60% to 85% recycled materials (depending on the collection), TimberTech decking is a sustainable choice (and doesn’t contribute to deforestation or harvesting of tropical hardwoods) 
  • TimberTech Advanced Polymer boards offer Class A Flame Spread Rating, WUI compliance, or both, making them a better choice for fire zones than some naturally flammable woods
TimberTech vs Wood Coastline Vintage PVC Traditional Decking PVC 3 sided

TimberTech Advanced Polymer

Competitor PVC


We’ve revolutionized PVC to look and perform unlike anything else in the market

  • As leaders in the PVC market and pioneers of material development, our Advanced Polymer outperforms early generation PVC and similar products: it has a more realistic wood look, resists stains, and is made of a majority of recycled materials
  • While traditional PVC is thought of as an environmentally unfriendly option, TimberTech Advanced Polymer has a core made of up to 60% recycled materials and is recyclable again at the end of its long, useful life through AZEK’s FULL-CIRCLE Recycling Program — plus, in the process of manufacturing Advanced Polymer, we’ve become the #1 vertically-integrated recycler of PVC in the US
  • Our material scientists engineered the highly durable material to achieve our most realistic wood looks while eliminating the plastic appearance associated with some competitors’ PVC deck boards   
  • Our proprietary Advanced Polymer has greater resistance to fading, staining, and moisture damage than early generation PVC that may weather and lighten over time
  • Despite a persistent misperception that PVC boards require special cleaning products and tools, our proprietary Advanced Polymer boards can be cleaned with just a diluted cleaner and brush 
  • TimberTech Advanced Polymer offers the most design versatility, including multiwidth boards and heat-bending capabilities – plus, they’re lightweight and easy to work with 
  • Like most early generation PVC boards, Advanced Polymer boards offer Class A Flame Spread Rating, WUI compliance, or both, making them a better choice for fire zones than most competitors’ composite boards
  • TimberTech Advanced Polymer has revolutionized PVC with better wood looks and outstanding performance that’s backed by industry-leading Limited Lifetime Product Warranties and 50-Year Limited Fade & Stain Warranties
TimberTech Better Than the Competition Composite Comparison Deck Boards

TimberTech Composite Cap

Competitor Composite Cap


Composite decking in a class of its own

  • Our low-maintenance, splinter-free boards are are protected by three- or four-sided proprietary polymer caps made without wood fibers making them highly resistant to sun and moisture damage
  • With natural colour blending, multi-tonal options, and wood grain patterns, our Composite Decking offers unmatched realistic wood looks and aesthetics
  • With TimberTech, it’s easy to find the board that suits your style thanks to our selection of over 20 realistic wood styles, colours, and textures 
  • TimberTech Composite Decking is sustainably made of up to 85% recycled materials without compromising its long-lasting durability 

With two superior decking options, TimberTech is leading the way in outdoor living. Learn more about TimberTech Advanced Polymer and Composite Decking to find the right collection for your outdoor space.