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With the largest selection of colours and textures, it’s easy to find the perfect match for your outdoor style.

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Which hue is for you?

Whether you want a deep, rich brown, cool gray or something else, we’ve made it easy to sort and select the colour (or colours) that will blend seamlessly with your home. Use the colour filters below to see what each colour family has to offer.

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Rich Woodland Tones

Create an inviting look with browns ranging from deep woodland tones to golden, amber hues. These browns work for a variety of styles from traditional to rustic to modern.


English Walnut

Dark Hickory




Dark Roast®

American Walnut®

Dark Oak

Brown Oak

Dark Cocoa


Silvery & Stormy Shades

For a more coastal, contemporary style, go with weathered wood looks in gray tones. Ideal for more modern styles, our grays also look right at home with southern or farmhouse designs.



Whitewash Cedar


Castle Gate™


Slate Gray

Weathered Oak

Silver Maple

Sea Salt Gray


Sunny & Sandy Hues

Embrace sunny, warm hues with tan and blond colours ranging from whitewashed to golden and sandy. Ideal for Scandi-chic looks, they pair beautifully with dark tones and work for contemporary and mid-century modern homes.

Weathered Teak®

Antique Leather®

Reclaimed Chastnut™

French White Oak®


Natural White Oak®

Coconut Husk®

*Special order product collections and colors may have additional lead times, please contact your local distributor for details.