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TOPLoc® for Composite

TOPLoc® for Composite

TOPLoc® for Composite

With its colour-matched look, easy installation, and strength, TOPLoc® fastening system delivers everything you need to keep TimberTech® deck boards in place and perfectly secure. Compatible with TimberTech Composite boards. Fastener pack includes 9.29 m2 (350 carbon steel 64 mm screws)

Strength and Stability

Designed to maintain a lasting hold on TimberTech’s dense boards.

Fast Installation

Designed for an 18v drill set for maximum performance, with a T20 drive to increase engagement with screw head.

Colour Coordination

Colour-matched fastening blends beautifully and preserves your deck’s design. Choose from Gray, Teak, Light Gray, Walnut, Dark Gray, Sand, Cedar, and Ivory. See colour chart

Available on • 9.29 m2 (350 carbon steel 64 mm screws)

Compatible Decking Colours:
Gray: Gray, Maritime Gray™, Driftwood, Weathered Oak
Teak: Dark Teak, Pecan, Tigerwood, Antique Leather®, Coconut Husk™
Light Gray: Stone Ash®, Sea Salt Gray
Walnut: Brown Oak, Rustic Elm®, Mocha, Dark Roast®, Dark Cocoa, Dark Oak
Dark Gray: Silver Maple, Ashwood, Espresso™
Sand: Sandy Birch, Cedar Reliaboard Deck, Natural White Oak, Reclaimed Chestnut™
Ivory: Whitewash Cedar®

Available at your local dealer or retail location:
• 9.29 m2 (350 carbon steel 64 mm screws)
• 46.45 m2 (1750 carbon steel 64 mm screws)
• 7.90 m2 (300 stainless steel 76 mm screws)

Questions About Installation?
We’re here to assist you with videos, guides, and more. View installation help.

The Best Warranty Coverage
TimberTech products are engineered the right way, to last. And many are covered by leading warranties. See full warranty details.

Is predrilling required?
Pre-drilling is required when within 38 mm of the ends of the plank and in temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7°C) to avoid splitting and screw shear.”

Can I use TOPLoc for Composite fasteners with steel or aluminum framing?
No, TOPLoc for Composite should not be used with metal framing systems.

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