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AZEK Harvest Slate Gray Decking Collection

Slate Gray

About Azek Harvest composite decking

Tie in traditional, cathedral wood grain patterns and a soft, solid color palette to your deck when using boards from this classic collection. Composed of natural shades, this decking complements a wide range of homes’ exteriors.

  • • Cathedral wood grain pattern
  • • Solid colors
  • • Available in standard width and thickness
  • Wide width available in Brownstone and Slate Gray
  • MAX boards are available in Slate Gray. Perfect for docks, boardwalks, and many commercial applications

All backed by a Limited Lifetime Product Warranty and a 50-Year Limited Fade & Stain Warranty.

TimberTech AZEK

Standard Width Deck Boards
– Actual dimensions: 140 mm x 25 mm
– Lengths available:
Square-Shoulder 3,66 m, 4,88 m and 6,10 m (3,66 m in Brownstone and Slate Gray Only)
Grooved 3,66 m, 4,88 m and 6,10 m

Wide Width Deck Boards (Brownstone and Slate Gray ONLY)
– Actual dimensions: 184 mm x 25 mm
– Lengths available: Square-Shoulder ONLY 4,88 m and 6,10 m

MAX Deck Boards - Slate gray ONLY
– Actual dimensions: 140 mm x 38 mm
– Lengths available: Square-Shoulder 3,66 m, 4,88 m and 6,10 m

Fascia Boards
– Actual dimensions: 13 mm x 298 mm
– Lengths available: 3,66 m

Steadfast Color

Engineered to stay true over time, Colours are backed by a 50-Year Limited Fade & Stain Warranty. Choose from plentiful hues ranging from rich browns to grays — and natural hardwoods like mahogany.

Better Protection

Proprietary Alloy Armour Technology in the protective cap prevents fading, staining, and weathering thereby empowering all AZEK boards to stand the test of time.

Seamless Design Integration

Available in either standard, narrow, or wide-width boards, which allow you to create a variety of sophisticated looks, whether seen up close or from afar.

Be Carefree

Sturdy capping keeps your deck’s aesthetic beauty by repelling scratches, dents, and even insects. You can relax knowing your deck can take anything.

Wood Character

Natural, hardwood look, but this decking is 100% synthetic. Diverse wood grain options — including intricate, wire-brushed looks — offer elegant style.

Spills Happen — No Big Deal

Engineered material thwarts stains, so oils, sauces, and other household products won’t cause any permanent damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can TimberTech AZEK Decking be used near water?

Yes. TimberTech AZEK Decking is the ideal material to use around water because it’s capped polymer decking, making it resistant to rot and decay caused by moisture. It’s comprised of 100% synthetic materials, so it’s not susceptible to moisture related deterioration commonly seen with wood.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is TimberTech decking made of?

TimberTech offers a range of decking material within our 3 decking lines. TimberTech PRO and EDGE boards are made of a combination of recycled plastic and wood fibers with a protective outer cap, while our TimberTech AZEK boards are made of capped polymer material.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can TimberTech be painted or stained?

Although not recommended, TimberTech products may be painted or stained. TimberTech can not guarantee the performance of anything applied to the product. Check out the full answer to find further information on painting or staining your TimberTech decking.

Frequently Asked Questions